The stage is about 4.1m wide and 2m deep. (13’x6’)


The piano, a wonderful Grotrian-Steinweg, evidently takes up quite a bit of room. If anyone would like to use it, they should inform us a few weeks in advance so that we can tune it in time.


This is the equipment that is currently available on the stage:

• a Fohhn subwoofer XS-4 active, 1x18”

• two TW Audio M12 Satellites, each with a 12“ woofer and a 1.4“ Horn – these serve as both PAs and monitors

• a Midas M32 mixing board - 32 microphone inputs; 16 XLR outputs; 4 effects + 4 insert effects; 8 DCA groups; 25 motor faders; 32 x 32 USB audio interface; DAW or IOS app-compatible

• three Shure SM 58 microphones, three Shure SM 57 microphones

• three stands

• 3 DI boxes

• diverse stereo and XLR cables

Our sound and recording technician understands the system and room acoustics well, and will manage the sound in consultation with you.


DIE LUKE offers a professional live recording of your concert with high-quality studio mixing. (see “video & audio production”)

For recording and later mixing, we also have high-quality equipment available:


• 2 Rhode NT5 microphones to record the piano

• 1 Shure SM57-LCE microphone (dynamic)

• 2 Shure SM58-LCE microphone (dynamic)

• Drum microphones: Sennheiser e604 clip and Shure Beta 52A

• 2 A.D.A.M. Professional Studio monitors

• etc.