Artist Info

Thank you very much for taking an interest in our cosy and really unique venue.

It’s nice that you’re willing to try out the “kitty” principle. This is how you can make your art accessible to everyone.

Admission is generally free of charge. The LUKE lives from beverage sales and donations. The entire LUKE team works on a voluntary basis.

After the program, the “kitty” is passed around, and the guests can put in a contribution with which they want to support the artists. All of this money goes to the artists!

Our customers appreciate the genuine art and music. You can see this in the way they quietly listen with great attention during concerts.

Traveling expenses and accommodation cannot be paid by the association, but a cheap overnight stay is possible in the house if you book in time.

Please send applications to: booking(at)

We would request your understanding if we are a bit slow in responding. We have very many inquiries and the work involved is (still) voluntary.

The best thing to do is to send a link right away with an audio sample and maybe a time frame or a few suggestions of dates on which you could perform.